Top Resources and Books

The Intelligent Investor

This book has stood the test of time and is one of Warren Buffet’s highly recommended reads. Warren Buffet described Graham as the second most influential person in his life after his father, which makes sense considering he named his son Howard (his father’s name) Graham (after Benjamin Graham) Buffet. If you’re serious about investing, this is a must read!

One Up On Wall Street

Peter Lynch is my favorite investment manager for two reasons. Firstly, his performance speaks for itself as a single share of his fund increased 900% in 13 years or 29.2% annually; surpassing the market by 13.4% annually. Need I say more? The second reason is how simply he breaks down financial concepts and explains them so that ordinary people can understand them. This is the number one book I would recommend for any beginning investor, no degree required!

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

Another Warren Buffet recommended read which is more geared towards growth investing. Fisher advises to read beyond information from published sources and dive into the “business grapevine” by speaking to management, competitors, suppliers, and customers to gather information about a stock. Fisher’s checklist approach to investment selection is extremely valuable in understanding what drives a company’s success.

Beating The Street

Another great easy-to-understand book by Peter Lynch! He helps you define a strategy, pick the right stocks, and discusses advantages that individual investor has over institutional ones. Great book for DIY investors and stock pickers.

How to Make Money in Stocks

The founder of wrote this book which studied the greatest winning stocks of all time. This book then breaks down the “CANSLIM” methodology which reveals the seven common traits that make a stock successful. We have a video review of this methodology as well which can be accessed with this link:

Irrational Exuberance

While macro-economic forecasting and timing is generally considered impossible to predict, Shiller was able to call the e-commerce bubble of 2000 and the bear market in 2009. His research articulates how stocks and real estate can move tremendously up or down without good reason. His work also brings real risks to the forefront of investing and stresses the need to look beyond stocks and real estate to hedge against the inevitable downturn of financial markets.

Competitive Strategy

Michael Porter is simply legendary. He is a prime example of effectively bridging the gap between scholarly research and practical knowledge. Graduating top of his class at Princeton, receiving an MBA with high distinction from Harvard Business School (and now being a Professor at Harvard), his five forces for analyzing industries competitive landscape is now considered a universal standard and I believe this piece will be timeless. Professor Porter is the most cited author in business and economics.

The Single Best Investment

This book focuses on building a high quality portfolio of dividend stocks, knowing the right amount of stocks to hold, how to weight holdings, and rules to follow. The fundamental premise of the book is focused on dividend growth investing so this would be a great resource for someone who is seeking lower-risk and steady income generation.

The Most Important Thing

Howard Marks is the chairman and cofounder of Oaktree Capital Management, a global asset management firm specializing in alternative investments. Mark’s insights are key to understanding how to avoid pitfalls and avoid destroying capital or running your career as an investment manager. His teach by example approach and humility in using his own missteps to illustrate a point make this read a must.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book focuses on personal finance and has taught me many new ways of structuring my life and my finances. The key lesson is the differentiation between assets and liabilities and stressing the importance of increasing your financial literacy. By far the most practical and insightful book on personal finance that I have read and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who does not want to stress about money.